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When planning a butterfly release it is important to note that monarch butterflies have difficulty flying should their body temperature be below 60°. For this reason Added Touch Celebration, Inc. advises their clients, not to order butterfly for a time and in a place where the average daily high temperature is not expected to be 65° or warmer. Please use the "Weather Channel" link to check the average daily temperatures where you are planning to release the butterflies. This guideline will give you some wiggle room should your release not take place during the warmest part of the day, or should the temperature not be as warm as predicted.

For our clients needing butterflies shipped out immediately for a Funeral, from April through October We are usually able to ship out butterflies on the same day that they are ordered.
Mr Butterflies currently has USDA permits to ship their butterflies to all states EAST of the Continental Divide, with the exception of NY. We are able to service NY via an affiliate, but require that NY orders be placed at least three weeks in advance. The state of Montana does not permit the shipment of Monarch butterflies for release into their state.