Butterfly Release Photos

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Tips for your photographer or videographer:
As always, we are certainly available to speak to your photographer or videographer about the best way to capture your butterfly release on film.  However, here are some specific techniques that should help.  Try to capture a specific moment and a specific butterfly.  Get as close to your subject as possible.  Do not try to capture the butterflies against the sky as it will be very difficult to see the butterflies in flight; they will appear very small and in some cases be impossible to see.  Since butterflies will fly towards bright objects, including flowers, wait for one to land and photograph it.  You may want to reserve a few butterflies specifically for photography purposes.  These can be placed in a refrigerator within their envelopes (not near the freezer) for about 30 – 45 minutes.  When you remove them from the refrigerator, they will be cool and will not fly for some time.  Carefully pick them up with wings folded between your second and third fingers.  Place them where you want them and shoot.  In the sun, the wings will act as solar panels and as they begin to warm up, they will become more active and will soon take flight.  Before that time, however, there should be time enough to take some pictures!

Bride releasing butterflies in Columbus, OH
Live Butterflies in Akron, OH
Butterflies for release in Lincoln, NE
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Chicago, IL butterfly release.
Live butterflies in Washington, DC